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LED Flashlight! LED-FL1000

LED Flashlight!  LED-FL1000
Brand Name: Sir Industries
Item#/SKU: LED-FL1000Q
  • READY LITE LED flashlight never needs batteries.
  • Just Squeeze the lockable lever when neccessary if power gets low and let the Triple LED Bulbs Light your way.
  • You will never have to worry about batteries again because this flaslight works off of it's own stored energy created by squeezing the handle.
  • Fits comfortably in your hand and is compact enough to store in small places.
  • Great for emergencies, power outages, camping, cars, RV's, College Dorms, Fits conveniently in your hand bag, etc.
  • *They come in Blue or Red

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Select QTY SKU Color Quantity Unit Price
LED-FL1000QLED-FL1000B-01  Blue 1 $2.25
LED-FL1000QLED-FL1000R-01  Red 1 $2.25
LED-FL1000QLED-FL1000B-20  Blue 120 $114.00
LED-FL1000QLED-FL1000R-20  Red 120 $114.00