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Aluminum Parabolic Louvers - 9 Cell

  • Upgrade your fluorescent fixtures today with our extended family of Aluminium Parabolic Louvers.
  • These 2' x 2' Retrofit Louvers with their bold look and superior lamp obscuration of the 3" deep cell, create a dramatic appearance.
  • They feature extraordinary efficiency and light control with a low brightness accent of the ceiling.
  • Stock finish is a non-iridescent semi-specular silver.
  • Convert any standard recessed fluorescent fixture to a high tech, low brightness luminance.
  • It's simple, economic and immediately available.
  • Ideal for use with static and air handling fixtures, as well as where good lighting control is essential.
  • Also Available in 2" Depth Size.
  • Meets all rigid fire codes, and is excellent for new, and for retrofit high efficiency lighting applications.
  • For Commercial & municipal buildings, Entries & corridors, Office task areas, Conference rooms, Department stores, Showrooms, Medical facilities, and Banks.
  • Also available in a 16 cell configuration.
  • There is a minimum order of 20 pieces.
  • Please call 631-342-8917 or email for special pricingand freight charges.

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