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Color Bright Fluorescent Lamps

Color Bright Fluorescent Lamps
Item#/SKU: F40T10CB

Color Bright Fluorescent Lamps are energy-efficient, saving you over 40% on your energy costs.

  • Just replace your 4-foot fluorescent bulbs with our Color Bright Fluorescent Lamps in a 2:1 ratio.
  • If you have a 4-light fixture, you'll only need 2 color bright lamps to emit or exceed the current light output of your 4 T-12 bulbs.
  • The color bright lamps utilize triphosphour components to achieve a very high CRI of 88 (100 is perfect sunlight).
  • To achieve these dramatic energy savings, you don't need to change the ballast, or buy a new fixture, or hire an electrician.

Facts on our Color Bright Flourescent Lamps

In a typical 4 light fixture using 4 34-watt bulbs, using only 2 of our Color Bright 40 Watt bulbs will provide 110% the amount of light. To put it a different way, you will be using 40% less energy and your fixture will be brighter. In addition, since the color bright fluorescent lamp gives off less heat from the fixture, additional money will be saved on your cooling bill.

--Sold in Cartons of 25 pieces. --

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