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Mercury Vapor Bulbs
Item#/SKU: MVL175/DX/MOG

Mercury Vapor Bulbs

For a Variety of Outdoor Lighting Purposes

Mercury Vapor Lamps are used for many outdoor lighting needs, including parking lots, streetlights, parks, and more.

  • We carry all the major brands of mercury vapor light bulbs (G.E., Phillips, & Sylvania).
  • Our line of Mercury Vapor lamps are generally used in high elevated areas such as fixtures used in parking lots.
  • Remember to check the wattage of the light fixture and base size to ensure proper replacement.
  • Coated finish.

Mercury Vapor Lamps are sold in cartons of 12.

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Select QTY SKU Part # Wattage Length,Packed Unit Price Unit Price
MVL175/DX/MOG  MVL100/DX/MOG 100 7 1/2" $22.95 $275.40
MVL175/DX/MOG  MVL175/DX/MOG 175 8 5/16" $22.95 $275.40
MVL175/DX/MOG  MVL250/DX/MOG 250 8 5/16" $21.78 $261.36
MVL175/DX/MOG  MVL400/DX/MOG 400 11 1/2" $21.78 $261.36