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Double Tube Fluorescent

Double Tube Fluorescent
Brand Name: Sir Industries
Item#/SKU: Sir Double Tube Fluorescent

These Double Tube compact fluorescent lamps come with 2 pins. They are very energy-efficient and provide more compact lighting than the twin tubes. It is important to note that these fluorescent light bulbs are non-dimmable and can only be used in fixtures that specify the wattage of the bulb.

Available Wattage (with comparison):

  • 10 watts (comparable to 50 watt incandescent)
  • 13 watts (comparable to 75 watt incandescent)
  • 18 watts (comparable to 100 watt incandescent)
  • 26 watts (comparable to 150 watt incandescent)

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Select QTY SKU Options PART# Unit Price
Sir Double Tube Fluorescent  10 Watts SIR10DT $6.50
Sir Double Tube Fluorescent  26 Watts SIR26DT $6.50
Sir Double Tube Fluorescent  18 Watts SIR18DT $6.50
Sir Double Tube Fluorescent  13 Watts SIR13DT $6.50
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