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LED Tape Light Retro Channel

LED Tape Light Retro Channel
Brand Name: WAC Lighting
Retrofit Channel and Mounting Clips.
  • **The channel can be used to construct a miniature cove or light baffle in places where the tape maybe concealed.
  • **May also be mounted to the channel as a way to change the direction of light.
  • ** The channel can be curved at a radius co 52" or greater.
  • **2 screws are provided
  • **Can be used with both the 12 volt and the 24 volt systems.
Mounting Clips
  • To be used on surfaces that are difficult for the tape's adhesive to stik to.
  • 2 mounting clips per foot is recommended for staight runs.
  • Can be used with both systems, the 12 volt and the 24 volt.

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list price:  $ 8.75

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WAC-LED-T-CL  1 $5.25
WAC-LED-T-CL-10  10 $49.90
WAC-LED-T-RL/RC  1 $7.95
WAC-LED-T-RL/RC-10  10 $75.50