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Brand Name: KICHLER
Item#/SKU: K-12350
  • LED ultra thin undercabinet accessories are here.
  • These will change your undercabinet LED light fixtures into a LED light system.
  • Your system can run from 30 watts to 200 watts max.
  • You also have the capability of seperating the fixtures upto 10'.
  • There's also a Power Switch that has 4 settings (off/low/medium/high).
  • Night Light Module that has a delayed on/off switch.

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Select QTY SKU Description Finish Item # Dimensions Unit Price
K-12350  Power Switch Black K-12350BLK $36.75
K-12350  Power Switch White K-12350WH $36.75
K-12350  Night Light Module Black K-12351BLK $36.75
K-12350  Night Light Module White K-12351WH $36.75
K-12350  9" Interconnect Cable Black K-12341BLK $10.50
K-12350  9" Interconnect Cable White K-12341WH $10.50
K-12350  14" Interconnect Cable Black K-12342BLK $13.00
K-12350  14" Interconnect Cable White K-12342WH $13.00
K-12350  21" Interconnect Cable Black K-12343BLK $15.00
K-12350  21" Interconnect Cable White K-12343WH $15.00
K-12350  10' Interconnect Cable Black K-12345BLK $52.50
K-12350  10' Interconnect Cable White K-12345BLK $52.50
K-12350  Female Connect Black K-12348BLK $5.00
K-12350  Female Connect White K-12348WH $5.00
K-12350  Male Connector Black K-12349BLK $5.00
K-12350  Male Connector White K-12349WH $5.00
K-12350  Power Supply Lead, 8' Black K-12346BLK $34.00
K-12350  Power Supply Lead, 8' White K-12346WH $34.00
K-12350  Power Supply Lead, 25' Black K-12344BLK $84.00
K-12350  Power Supply Lead, 25' White K-12344WH $84.00
K-12350  Power Suppy, Hard Wire Black K-12353BLK $126.00
K-12350  Power Supply, Hard Wire White K-12353WH $126.00
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