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Magnetic Transformers

Magnetic Transformers
Brand Name: Kichler
Item#/SKU: K-10205
  • Connects to the track for wall plug powering.
  • Magnetic.
  • Resettable short circuit protection.
  • Built-in overload protection.
  • All transformers are UL 2108 listed.
  • Premium transformers have screw terminals for faster wiring.
  • No wire nuts.
  • Slim profile allows for easily concealed mounting.

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list price:  $ 186.95

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K-10205K-10205BLK  12-volt/150-watt magnetic, black $156.00
K-10205K-10204BLK  12-volt/300-watt magnetic, black $186.00
K-10205K-10206BLK  12-volt/600-watt magnetic, black $228.00
K-10205K-10208BLK  24-volt/300-watt magnetic, black $186.00
K-10205K-10209BLK  24-volt/600-watt, black $276.00
K-10205K-10219BLK  24-volt/1200-watt magnetic, black $518.00

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