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Lampholder for Linear Track K10215

Lampholder for Linear Track K10215
Brand Name: Kichler
Item#/SKU: K-10215
  • Snaps onto the track and holds the bright xenon light bulb.
  • It is less than the width of the track
  • Has no sharp edges and comes with light bulb pre-installed.
Available in:
  • 12V/5W Black/White
  • 12V/10W Black/White
  • 24V/5W Black/White
  • 24V/10W Black/White

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Select QTY SKU Options Unit Price
K-10215-15BLK  black socket 12-volt/5-watt frosted bulb $8.00
K-10215-15WHT  white socket 12-volt/5-watt frosted bulb $8.00
K-10215-16BLK  black socket 12-volt/10-watt frosted bulb $8.00
K-10215-16WHT  white socket 12-volt/10-watt frosted bulb $8.00
K-10215-17BLK  black socket 24-volt/5-watt frosted bulb $8.00
K-10215-17WHT  white socket 24-volt/5-watt frosted bulb $8.00
K-10215-18BLK  black socket 24-volt/10-watt frosted bulb $8.00
K-10215-18WHT  white socket 24-volt/10-watt frosted bulb $8.00